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Tiger heroes

Tiger conservation is a complex, comprehensive work. Raids and ambushes on poachers, caregiving to orphaned or distressed animals, study of diseases of large cats and causes of death, capture of conflictive animals, feeding of wild boars and deer to support tigers dietary. We present to you people who perform their noble work - conservation of the wild nature of Russia.

Viktor Kuzmenko
Director of PRNCO “Tiger Center”,
Vladivostok, Russia

"Often, exhausted, dying tigers come to my rehabilitation center. And when I take care of them with my colleagues, and sometimes I pull them out of the dead, when they are recovering before our eyes, turning into strong and powerful animals, when they get used to the wild after rehabilitation, I am really happy. This is what I work for."

Vasiliy Dunkay
Nanaian shaman, professional hunter,
Krasniy Yar, Primorye province

«Tiger is my god. I have faith in him and he is helping me. My people need a living god. We are people of the tiger, without him we are lost, taiga is lost».

Yuri Darman
honorary adviser of WWF Russia, Ph.D of biology

«The tiger, better than any other animal, helps us to remember our debts to the planet. And by saving a large dangerous predator in the wild, we guarantee the preservation of the entire natural complexes on large areas of Earth!»

Pavel Fomenko
head coordinator of Biodiversity department of Amur WWF Russia

«It so happened that the tiger became the main character on the stage of my life. And for 30 years we have been secretly watching each other, without taking our eyes off. I like this performance, and I hope that the final curtain will not goes down for a long time».

Svetlana Sutyrina
Director of FSBI «Sikhote-Alinskiy state reserve»

«Why am I saving a tiger? I just can't do anything about it. For me, the Amur tiger is the personification of all wild nature - beautiful, powerful, but so vulnerable to human actions. And I consider it my duty to do everything in my power to save this amazing animal».

Yuri Dunishenko
naturalist, game manager,
All-Russian Research Institute for Hunting Husbandry and Livestock Breeding, Khabarovsk

«To preserve the population of the Amur tiger means to preserve the best corners of the Far Eastern nature for the people of the future».

Sergey Lyapustin
Ph.D, senior lecturer, head of a department of Custom affairs,
Vladivostok branch of Russian Customs Academy

«The Ussuri taiga is unthinkable without the Amur tiger, so our state pays special attention to its protection, the fight against poaching and smuggling of tiger derivatives. Thanks to this work, the number of the Amur tiger has grown and stabilized in recent years, but there is still much to be done to preserve this rare animal».

Oleg Yushkin
Chairman of the board of the Society of Hunters and Fishermen «Sidatun»,
Primorye province

«Over the past ten years, the number of tigers in our hunting establishment has grown from 4 to 15 individuals. By saving the tiger, I am paying back my debts to nature, which has fed me for many years and allowed me to survive in difficult times».

Irina Korotkova
Ph.D of veterinary, senior lecturer,
Primorskaya State Academy of Agriculture,
Center for the Diagnosis of Animal Diseases

«Tigers, like people, get sick, suffer, and die for various reasons. I conduct diagnostics of sick and injured tigers, establish the causes of death. Ultimately, this helps rare cats to survive».

Yuri Kolpak
Hunting committee of the Ministry of Natural resources of the Khabarovsk province,
head of the task force on minimizing conflicts with large predators

«For me, the tiger is a symbol of courage, strength, perseverance, love of freedom and pride in our region. I see a special meaning in preserving this beast. This work is important for me both as for a resident of Far East and as a man».

Alexey Kostyria
Ph.D of biology, senior coordinator of Biodiversity department of Amur WWF Russia

«I protect the tiger, because it is a symbol, the soul of the Ussuri Taiga. And by preserving the tiger, we are preserving the taiga for him, for all animals, for our children and for the next generations».