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Mobile apps

e-Zagas mobile app
Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia, Environment and Tourism, and Department for Nature and Tourism of Khentii aimag, Governor’s Office of Dadal, Norovlin, Bayan-Adraga, Binder, Batshireet soums, “Onon river fishing club” NGO who is responsible for game management of Onon river fishing location, and WWF Mongolia programme office, we are, working together in the pursuance to introduce and issue online license on fishing for household and recreational purposes in the game management area of Onon, Balj rivers at Khentii aimag.

This website is to issue an online license/permit for recreational fishing within the maximum amount of fish, based on the game management plan of fishing locations in Onon, Balj Rivers at Khentii aimag approved by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia and Khentii aimag’s Citizen Representative Khural. You can use mobile application ezagas to receive and check the license after downloading from website for free of charge. Use a G-mobile special number to send a license number to 131516 for validation information about your license.

Our mission is to improve the online permission system for fishing on household and recreational purposes, to prevent and stop illegal fishing, to use fish resources in sustainable and appropriate way with the help of participating partners and further protection the freshwater ecosystem.

For further information and questions about fishing on household and recreational purpose at Khentii aimag, please contact us at e-mail: fishkhentii@gmail.com
Environmental Department at Khentii province (aimag)
Founder: WWF-Mongolia Programme Office

Links to downloads for Android/iPhone/iPad: 

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mn.astvision.ezagas&hl=ru Url https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/ezagas/id1164417416?mt=8 Url
Save the forest
Every day the Far Eastern forests are threatened by various danger — ancient cedars are destroyed, the fires kills trees and animals, uncontrolled dumps ruins forest ecosystem.
With this app you will be able to quickly mark on the map wildfires, illegal logging and unauthorized dumps and send a signal to the specialists in the responsible agencies.
Also the application will allow you to contact the dispatcher; trace the status of your signal and view map layers with information about detected fires, logging and unauthorized dumps in the Far Eastern taiga. Our app works on the territory of Primorsky and Khabarovsk regions and the Jewish Autonomous region.
Become the defender of the far Eastern forests with the app "Save the forest"!

Only russian version of the app currently is available

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nextgis.safeforest Url
Forest Inspector
The "Forest Inspector" mobile app - is a mobile workplace and working tool of the forest inspector, who using "KEDR" System and it is unavailable to a common user.
The app shares maps, data and documents with the server. If Internet access is unavailable, data collected in the app are accumulated and then sent when network access reestablished.
Documents created in this application retains the coordinates.

Only russian version of the app currently is available

http://docs.nextgis.ru/docs_forestinspector/source/inspector.html Url