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Temperate forests


Temperate forests in the Far East encompass mainly the foothills and mountain rivers’ valleys, low-lying areas of the Amur River Region and Primorye. They are characterized by flora and fauna diversity and uniqueness.
Climate conditions, topography and geography of this part of the Far East located on the junction of the northern Siberian and southern nature of Korea and Mongolia have imprinted the flora and fauna of temperate forests.
On one side, the forests are famous for their mixed composition of flora and fauna species due to the close coexistence of plants and animals of the northern and southern origin. On the other hand, some attention should be paid to the similarity of the Far Eastern species to the species of European origin, whose range is cut off in Siberia and resumed in the Far East which is a direct consequence of their separation in severe coldness of the glacial era.
In the Amur River Region and Primorye, taiga and subtropics seem to meet together and mix in the most exotic way. Suffice to say that in the Ussuri taiga spruce can often be found embraced by wild grapes. Korean pine and larch share the area with cork tree and Manchurian walnut. One mountain slope showcases larch with birch undergrowth and cranberries-dotted moss, while the opposite one resting just a few meters away, boasts with linden forest with thickets of barbed Aralia and fragrant jasmine. One cannot avert his gaze from the taiga giants - Korean pines and Manchurian firs, Manchurian ash and high-standing elms, age-old oaks and wide-trunk lindens.

Abundance of nuts, acorns, all kinds of berries, grapes, mushrooms, succulent shoots and bark serve the animals with nutritious and varied food. Along with the usual forest zone mammals (squirrel, chipmunk, columns, wild boar) the Far Eastern forests are home for raccoon dog, yellow-throated marten, Far Eastern wild cat, Sika deer, Manchurian wapiti, and red deer. Near the water in riverside bushes and meadows live different brightly coated birds like- pheasants, Chinese ibis, Mandarin duck, different heron species, white stork and red-crowned crane. In the forest roam dangerous predators – the Amur tiger, the largest cat in Russia - Amur tiger (weight 250 kg) and the Far Eastern leopard.

Map of the temperate forests biom (AHEC)