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Zhenbaodao wetland reserve

Geographical Coordinates
46º 8’ N, 133º 38’ 13 E (45°52’00 - 46°17’23 N, 133°28’44 - 133°47’40 E)

Geographical Location
The Heilongjiang Zhenbaodao Wetland National Nature Reserve is located to the east of Hulin city, northeast China. It is on the border between China and Russia.

 Area :   44,364 ha

Altitude:   130—170 m

Wetland Type
Ramsar classification -  M, Tp, Ts, U, W, Xf

The site supports a diversity of freshwater wetlands types, mainly river and floodplain wetlands, as well as permanent and seasonal freshwater marshes/pools, herb marshes, shrub marshes, forest marshes, etc.
Created on September 1, 2011.

The site located in the Wanda mountains south foothill, middle and upper reaches of the Wusuli River. There are three rivers run through this area and end into the Wusuli River. This site is a typical representative wetland area in the cold temperate zone of East Asia with the cool-temperate continental monsoon climate.
The mean air temperatures vary from -18,3°C (January) to 21,6°C (July), and the annual average temperature is 3,5°С. Annual rainfall is 566 mm, precipitation mainly concentrated between June and August. Frost-free period is about 141 days.

This site is part of Xingkai Lake-Bulieya Mountains in terms of tectonic setting and has significant functions in terms of water storage and flood control, thereby playing an important role in maintaining eco-security of the catchment. There are a total of more than 600 higher plant species, 171 birds, 61 fish, 16 amphibians and reptiles and 41 mammal species. Six rare endangered wild floral species include wild soybean, Milkvetch root etc. According to the surveys, in different years this site supports
more that 100,000 of birds and also supports more that 1% of the population of 12 waterbird species.

The Zhenbaodao Wetland National Nature Reserve supports 31 nationally protected bird species which 23 are birds and 8 are mammals. The important protect subjects of this reserve are red-crowned crane (Grus japonensis) and Oriental stork (Ciconia boyciana). Other endangered faunal species include the Amur tiger (Panthera tigris ssp. altaica), white-naped crane (Grus vipio), red deer (Cervus elaphus) etc.

The Zhenbaodao Wetland National Nature Reserve is a rare almost natural wetland without human disturbance. There are not used for agriculture, aquaculture or other production uses. However, with the beautiful landscapes of the Wusuli River and diverse wetlands, this site is of great potential value for ecotourism. The site is now
developing the ecology tourism which has several hotels and hundreds of restaurants. Presently, some 10,000 people visit this site each year. And The Zhenbaodao Wetland National Nature Reserve Ecotourism Plan Project which will invest 100 million yuan has been approved in 2015.
The wetlands in this site are now under strict protection. The Zhenbaodao Wetland National Nature Reserve was established in 2002. In 2006, its status was raised to the national reserve level in 2006. Since its establishing the reserve administration has invested 1 million yuan for infrastructure construction in order to scientific protection and management. And in 2015, one pair of breeding red-crowned cranes was found in this site. Biodiversity survey has been done in recently years. The reserve also
erected artificial nests for Oriental storks. They also carried out public awareness activities.