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AHEC Newsletter N 39

The Amur-Heilong Ecoregion Complex (AHEC) consists of several Global 200 ecoregions and has been selected as a priority place within WWF’s Global Programme Framework. The region is also home to two priority flagship species, the Amur tiger and Amur leopard.

Contents of the #39 issue

A word to the world
Who is tiger protection’s champion in Northeast China?

United for Conservation effectiveness
A Critical Transboundary Corridor between China and Russian for Amur Tigers and Leopards Russia and China agreed to restore sturgeon in the Amur River

You said Big Cats?
Conservation efforts expanded in Khabarovsky Province First case of Amur Leopard rescue in China Tiger named Uporny settled in wild refuge
Traces of Amur Tiger found in Muling National Nature Reserve Amur leopard’s fate and fortunes discussed at a high level
Wild ungulates of the southern Sikhote-Alin counted from the air
Camera Trap Monitoring of Siberian Tiger and Far Eastern Leopard in Changbaishan Mountain Range
Wild ungulates are fed supplementary in the Amur tiger habitats Zhanguangcailing, new secure habitat for tigers

When the belt is green
Mongolian gazelle migrates from Mongolia to Russia
Present for the World Wetland Day
Boxes in the trees (follow up story)
Mongolian Gazelle Migration Survey and Poaching Inspections Made
Parties agreed that fishing license system needs to be enhanced
From haze to blue sky (follow up story)

Walking through the evergreen Forest
Success of Bikin Project acknowledged on a top level
Women emphasize the development of eco-tourism

Let Economy talks Environment
Plan for Kherlen River Basin Integrated Water Resource Management Is Completed