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AHEC Newsletter N 58

The Amur-Heilong Ecoregion Complex (AHEC) consists of several Global 200 ecoregions and has been selected as a priority place within WWF’s Global Programme Framework. The region is also home to two priority flagship species, the Amur tiger and Amur leopard.

Contents of the #58 issue

Asian Big Cats
Mini-reserves for Tigers Appeared in Hunting Leases of the Russian Far East
On the Eve of its 5-year Anniversary the Bikin NP Summed up the Results of Yet Another Round of the Amur Tiger Monitoring
Border Guards of the Evreiskaya Province Now Know How to Behave When Meeting a Tiger
Caution, Tiger on the Way!
Conservation and Restoration of Key Ecological System in China
Center for Preventing Environmental Crimes opened in Vladivostok

Green belt of Amur
Wetland Conservation, Saving the Vitality of Heilongjiang River Basin
Biodiversity Survey of grassland restored pilot in Qian’an County
Oriental Storks Keepers Started Fire Prevention Treatment of Trees with Nests
WWF Russia Supporters Provided the Japanese Crane with a Wintering House and a Spacious Aviary in the TIGR Rehabilitation Center
In the Amur Basin, Schoolchildren Help Maintain the Population of the Trionyx Turtle
Loal Herders Have Deeper Knowledge about Brandt’s Vole and its Function in the Ecosystem
Rangers Have a Well-equipped Field Outpost
Khar Yamaat NR’s Co-Management Council Had its First Meeting
SAMAP Online Training
WWF Summed up the Results of Public Monitoring of Summer Spawning Run of Salmon
The Results of Public Monitoring of the Autumn Run of Salmon were Summed up on Five Tributaries of the Amur River

Green Economy

The Negative Conclusion of the Public Examination on the Company's Project in the Khabarovsky Province was Transferred to Rosprirodnadzor
Placer Gold Mining and Public Satellite Monitoring
WWF Demands Public Admission to the Oil Spill Site in Khabarovsky Province Stop Dirty Prospecting for Gold
Open international mass online course "Climate Change: Risks and Challenges": presentation in Vladivostok

Sustainable Forestry
Local People Stopped Destructive Logging near Beltzovo Village
Specialists of Forestry and Hunting in Primorye were Trained on the Legality of Forest Managemen
Forest Auctions Can Leave Villages in Central Primorye of Forests and Beekeepers without Linden
People for Nature
Ranger Lao Wan – from Hunter to Ranger
Lyubov Odzyal became a laureate of the all-Russia public award “Pride of the Nation”
Pavel Fomenko got a special prize of the all-Russia “Far East” Literary Award named after V. K. Arsenyev

2020 AHEC Ambassador, Save Wetland and Bird
Locals Rather Focus on Caring of the Planted Seedlings
Best Young Researchers-Students have been Selected
An Event “Let’s Protect Mongolian Gazelle” Organized
Mongolian Gazelle Day Successfully Held
An Experience Sharing Event was Held
A Survey on Plastic Containers Used by Local Residents
International online festival "Goodbye, Cranes"
WWF summed up the results of the contest of voice-overs for the TV series "Year of the Crane-2020"