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AHEC Newsletter N 57

The Amur-Heilong Ecoregion Complex (AHEC) consists of several Global 200 ecoregions and has been selected as a priority place within WWF’s Global Programme Framework. The region is also home to two priority flagship species, the Amur tiger and Amur leopard.

Contents of the #57 issue

You say Big Cats
Ten years of conservation concessions: how collecting non-wood products and game management help conserve Amur tiger
AI Camera Trap
Tiger Day
An effort for connecting the tiger habitats in Changbai Mountain
2020 Global Tiger day.  Become A Tiger Protector
2020 Global Tiger day.  Saving wild tigers in China
2020 Global Tiger day.  Deal with challenges
2020 Global Tiger day.  Hu Wa Needs Corridors

Together for Conservation Effectiveness
Minister of Nature, Environment and Tourism of Mongolia expressed her support for WWF-Mongolia
Two Oriental storks release into the wild
New Field Station in Harbin
An automatic camera has been installed in Ereen's mountain
For the first time a red-crowned crane became a patient of the rehabilitation center TIGR
Crane survey in Huihe
While adults protect cranes, kids from Russia, China, and Mongolia draw them
Marmot reintroduction continues successfully
Crane Census completed in Daursky NR, Zabaikalsky Province
in the Amur River Basin
Demarcation are up in newly protected area
When the Belt is Green
Lake enclosure is proven to be effective
The population of red-listed Mongolian gazelle in Zabaikalsky province is estimated at 29 000
Bikin and Bereginya National Parks get closer to each other
On-line conference on environmental crimes investigations was held at the Legal Schoo
Brief News
Vasily Dunkai, keeper of spiritual traditions of the native people of Primorye received the Order of Friendship
Art for Planet artists’ community celebrated International Tiger Day in social media