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AHEC Newsletter N 55

The Amur-Heilong Ecoregion Complex (AHEC) consists of several Global 200 ecoregions and has been selected as a priority place within WWF’s Global Programme Framework. The region is also home to two priority flagship species, the Amur tiger and Amur leopard.

Contents of the #55 issue

You say Big Cats
Rangers compete for the first “Tiger Cup”
WWF Russia Conducted Amur Tiger Survey and its Habitats Research in Evreiskaya Province
Rangers from Huangnihe Trace Tiger
Amur Tiger Population Grew from Zero to Eleven in one of WWF’s Model Plots over Eight Years
All-female Ranger Team from Dongnning
Safeguarding nature for generations to come
Sparta, the Tigress, Met her Saver in Nordens Ark Zoo

Together for Conservation Effectiveness
Conservation organizations have issued joint recommendations to save migratory ungulates
The SMART System Helps Protecting Wildlife and Evaluating the Efficiency of Patrols
The parties will work together to implement the management of Khar Yamaat Nature Reserve
Zeisky Nature Park Established in Amurskaya Province with WWF Support
The mobile data transmission network is working successfully
Water Deer Needs Official Status in Russia
Sukhbaatar province established a Sub-commission on prevention of environmental crimes
Prohibited two-meters Deep Bladed skid roads revealed on logging site near Beltzovo village in Primorye
Students Brigades on Nature Conservation Getting Ready to Become the Amur River Ambassadors
Zabaikalsky Province Authorities are against Mongolian Gazelle Protective Hunting
In the Year for the Cranes Indigenous Peoples are ready to Continue Public Control over Salmon in the Amur River Tributaries
Earth Hour Came to Vladivostok on a Flake of Ice
When the Belt is Green
Traffic signs have been set up on the road to eastern side
An In-depth investigation on the economic activities of community residents in Huangnihe Forestry bureau
Educational Tourism Development in the Bikin NP
The administration staff from Onon-Balj National Park collected 500 kg of pine cones
WWF Staff Helped Reveal Illegal Logging of over 800 Cubic Meters of Valuable Tree Species Timber in Khabarovsky Province
Automatic camera research is being conducted in Khar Yamaat Nature Reserve
WWF Launched the Year for the Crane-2020 in the Amur River Basin
The work to expand the water protection zone is continuing successfully
Rehabilitation of a White-naped Crane in Primorye
Promoting the value of cranes
On International Bird Day WWF Presented the Comic Strip on Japanese Cranes
The brown bear will be released back into the wild
Oriental Stork Survive the First Wave of Grass Fires
Tripods for Oriental Storks
Checking of Quality of Forest Management in Primorye Discovered Loopholes in Legislation
Brief News
A Documentary on Transboundary Cooperation between Bastak and Honghe Nature Reserves
WWF Organized Courses on Fire Prevention Measures
Cranes of the Amur River Basin Became Heroes of the Seminars for Teachers and Cultural Workers
Reality Show “Oriental Storks Online. Third Season”
Director of Sokhondinsky NR Awarded a Medal for the Amur River Sources Conservation