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AHEC Newsletter N 54

The Amur-Heilong Ecoregion Complex (AHEC) consists of several Global 200 ecoregions and has been selected as a priority place within WWF’s Global Programme Framework. The region is also home to two priority flagship species, the Amur tiger and Amur leopard.

Contents of the #54 issue

You say Big Cats
Run for Tigers with Rangers
Taiga Fest spotlighted the tiger and honey
Compensation mechanism seminar held in Harbin
One more PA for tigers and leopards created in Primorye
More Russian PAs are planned to receive CA|TS certification
WWF Russia renewed the unique tiger trail

Together for Conservation Effectiveness
“Plastic free Kherlen” campaign is applauded by public
Heda Highway is a barrier against red deer migration
The International conference in Vladivostok focused on investigating environmental crimes
“Tree for water-water for living” campaign continues effectively
Winter biodiversity survey in Hulunbuir
The Amur Conservation coalition summed up the results of cooperative work
Stakeholders agreed to celebrate Mongolian gazelle day
New deer species discovered in Russia
Sukhbaatar province to establish a Sub-commission on Prevention of Environmental Crimes
Oriental stork in focus of Russia and South Korea cooperation
8 Mongolian gazelles were fitted with satellite collars
Results of public monitoring of spawning grounds finalize the year of the Salmon in the Amur river basin
Traffic signs have been set up on the road to eastern side
NGO of the Amur river basin learnt to assert the right for healthy environment
When the Belt is Green
Standards for wildlife crossing must be enforced
The Tokinsko-Stanovoy NP established in Amurskaya province
Grassland conservation pilot in Qian’an county
Onon river basin CBOs successfully participated in the “Eco-friendly products-2019” exhibition
The Nerchugansky WR established in Zabaikalsky Province
WWF NEC’s Environmental education in Taipingchi
1.2 mln hectares at AHEC approved the water protection zone as a no-go areas
The far eastern taiga is a global reserve of beekeeping
“Va:kchai Ni” festival celebrated in the Bikin NP
Brief News
Vladivostok hosted first seminar on nonfinancial reporting of businesses
52 employees from 11 Primorye forestry units taught to handle drones

Story of protectors 
A Ranger’s Story: We run for Tigers and Leopards
Live up to my dream
An impressive patrol
I'm a champion of the ranger competition