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AHEC Newsletter N 51

The Amur-Heilong Ecoregion Complex (AHEC) consists of several Global 200 ecoregions and has been selected as a priority place within WWF’s Global Programme Framework. The region is also home to two priority flagship species, the Amur tiger and Amur leopard.

Contents of the #51 issue

You say Big Cats
Discovery protects tiger together with WWF   More details here:
Tiger Tragedy in Khabarovsky Province
Tiger Family is Doing Well in Evreiskaya Province

Together for Conservation Effectiveness
We Are the Guardians of Amur Tiger & Leopard
The First Stakeholder’s Meeting of Working Group for Water Protection Zones
Smugglers found guilty in attempt of trafficking a large party of wildlife derivatives
"Living Planet Report" Launch in Eastern Mongolia
Khar Yamaat Nature Reserve Value Is Promoted
Drones Help to Reveal Illegal Logging Sites in Primorsky and Khabarovsky Provinces

When the Belt is Green
Collared Mongolian Gazelle Was Caught in Poaching
Local Authorities Support the "Plastic Free Rivers" Campaign
Mongolian Gazelle Study Was Conducted along the Border
The First Musk Deer Survey Held in "The Sources of the Amur River" in Mongolia
World Water Day
International Year for the Salmon kicked off in the Amur Basin
The Amur River Basin Is Ready for the Arrival of Its Flying Symbol

Earth Hour 2019
“Earth Hour" is Celebrated under the Slogan "Let’s Say NO to Plastic"
When Kung Fu Meets Panda, I Am Hardcore to Protect Environment

Brief News
Start of the 2019 Provincial Anti-poaching Campaign
WWF Russia Held A Training Session for Protected Areas
From Forest Lease to Production: TIS Student Brigade Learned How to Use Taiga Gifts Sustainably