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Status of Oriental white stork and other rare birds of the Amur wetlands

This book presents materials on the studies of the Oriental white stork and other rare birds of the wetlands within the Amur watershed and their habitats. Data describing the Oriental white stork population status within most of its Russian range by 2010 are summarized.

Cadastre data on Oriental white stork nests provided in the Appendix make an important informative part in this description.

The collected articles are meant for ornithologists involved in studies and conservation of rare bird species, environmentalists and ecologists, protected nature area personnel, teachers and students of biological disciplines at colleges and higher educational institutions.

All articles from the book have a Russian version.



Yu. N. Gluschenko, D. V. Korobov, I. N. Kalnitskaya, V. N. Bocharnikov 
Baikal Teal (Anas formosa) on the Khankaisko-Razdolnenskaya Plain (Primorsky Region)   (24)
А. А. Averin, Yu. Yu. Panin The current state of the Oriental White Stork within the Jewish Autonomous Oblast   (42)
A. А. Sasin The Oriental White Stork (Ciconia boyciana) in Muravyevsky and Amursky Wildlife Refuges of Amursky Province:
abundance dynamics, limiting factors and ways to increase its population   (57)
A. A. Sasin Search of Oriental Stork nests using Ultra high resolution satellite imagery   (70)
A. А. Sasin Surveys of Oriental Stork nests within Amursky Province (except the Arharinsky district) in 2008-2010   (81)
А. N. Svetlakov On the issue of White-Tailed Eagle and other diurnal birds of prey staying within the Lake Bolon watershed   (90)
А. N. Svetlakov Some information about seasonal migrations and nesting of Geese and Swans within the Lake Bolon watershed   (96)
А. N. Svetlakov, I. A. Nikitina, M. N. Kocherga, V. A. Tyagunin
Results of monitoring of the Oriental White Stork in the Bolonsky Nature Reserve area in 2002-2010  (101)
M. N. Kocherga Methods to correct and change intestinal microflora and immune status of rare birds   (109)
I. A. Nikitina The content of non-essential metals in components of habitats and forage reserves of birds inhabiting wetlands  (120)
Ye. A. Volkovskaya-Kurdyukova
The Oriental White Stork in the middle stream of the Ilistaya River (=Lefu) as the first signs of the former area restoration   (129)
M. P. Parilov, V. A. Andronov, Yu. A. Darman
Some features of the nesting ecology of the Oriental white stork (Ciconia boyciana Swinhoe) at the Arkhara lowland   (136)
Yu. A. Darman Creating the nature protected area system for conservation of oriental white stork nesting grounds   (144)


Authors: Nikitina I., Tyagunin V., Svetlakov A., 2011
File: sbornik_stork_2011.pdf