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Heda Highway Is A Barrier Against Red Deer Migration

1 december 2019 In Oct, together with Huangnihe National Nature Reserve, WWF released 8 red deers with GPS collars in the field to increase the ungulate desity in the tiger range of Zhangguangcai Mountain. The tracking data of the deer movement shows that. a female red deer has been wondering in the recent two months around Heda Highway. The animal could not passed the Highway due to the lack of corridors .

WWF and partners has been investigating the impact of infrastructure on wildlife dispersion for corridor planning and assessment. The result indicates that Heda Highway has been a big barrier against wildlife movement. The new monitering data of the red deer has further proved this findings. And corridor assessment and construction for tiger habitat recovery is one of the most important tasks of WWF NEC and its parnters in tiger and leopard landscape.