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Grassland Conservation Pilot in Qian’an County

7 january 2020 With the support of YILI SATINE and partners, a demonstration pilot (11.26 ha) of degraded grassland have been selected by WWF to carry out the research on grassland degradation recovery in the transition zone of agriculture and pasture. An expert team was set up to investigate and research the status of this pilot. Through the investigation and analysis of the status quo of plant and soil resources in the pilot, the current situation and existing problems of the grassland were identified, and a targeted recovery plan was developed.

The survey results showed that the soil type of this grassland pilot is saline-alkali soil, which is mainly characterized by degradation, salinization and desertification. The main cause is overgrazing and unreasonable management. The global climate change has exacerbated the grassland degradation and salinization. This is a long-term project, WWF will keep update of the progress.