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Capacity building training for newly recruited rangers
22 april 2021 Capacity building training for newly recruited rangers

The rangers were provided with insights of many relevant issues including who are rangers and their main duties as stated in the package environmental laws.

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  • Lake enclosure is proven to be effective 16 april 2021 Lake enclosure is proven to be effective

    The purpose of fencing this small lake is to protect it from livestock, to increase the water level and reduce the burden on the birds' nest and laid eggs.

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  • Marmot reintroduction continues successfully 16 april 2021 Marmot reintroduction continues successfully

    Specialists from WWF-Mongolia, in collaboration with rangers, conducted a monitoring study to determine the location and breeding success of reintroduced marmots.

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  • Special Action against Wildlife Illegal Activities 12 april 2021 Special Action against Wildlife Illegal Activities

    From November 2020 to February 2021, WWF used AI anti-poaching prediction model and SMART data to help NCTLNP formulate a third-party acceptance scheme and establish a third-party patrol working group compassed by 26 rangers in field.

    In March, this third-party working group and relevant experts were divided into three teams and went to Northeast China Tiger and Leopard National Park (NCTLNP)’s sub bureaus to assist its "Special Action against Wildlife Illegal Activities 2020 Winter -2021 Spring". WWF and WCS teams also supported the acceptance plan for this special action.

    The final acceptance report will be carried out from April to May 2021. The special action in a large-scale can not only shows the anti-poaching achievements of the sub-bureaus of NCTLNP, but also further promote the anti-poaching work in China's national park pilot system.

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  • Nest Building for Scaly-sided Merganser 12 april 2021 Nest Building for Scaly-sided Merganser

    In March, WWF supported OPF and Songjianghe Forestry Bureau for 15 artificial nest boxes installation to help the scaly-sided merganser’s (Mergus squamatus) breeding population recovery in Changbai Mountain.

    The scaly-sided mergansers nesting in the holes of tall trees. Their habitats are lack of natural tree holes for nesting. Based on the scaly-sided merganser conservation practice, the artificial nest building is an effective method for the bird population recovery, as the nest boxes provide the necessary nesting facility for the birds. According to the survey, there are stable breeding populations of the scaly-sided merganser in the Songjianghe River and Manjiang River Basins with potential suitable trees for nesting.

    For the next step, WWF will work closely with its government partners in Jilin Province for the actions plans draft and execution for scaly-sided merganser conservation aiming to recover the breeding population of the bird from 200 pairs to 400 ones in the next 10 years. In addition, WWF and its partners will carry out regular monitoring and patrol work, together with the necessary management and technical training.

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  • Earth Hour:Connect to Tigers 12 april 2021 Earth Hour:Connect to Tigers

    On March 27, 2021, "Earth Hour" event attracted government, social institutions, enterprises, and the public all over China to jointly made a ten-year environment conservation commitment of "connect to nature". In addition, many cities in China have held various offline and online activities for the public involvement of nature protection.

     WWF’s strategic partner One Planet Foundation (OPF) held Earth Hour Changchun event on the theme of "Run for Tigers". This event integrated the wild tiger conservation workshops, live shows, conservation exhibition, and tiger charity fair to showcase tiger conservation and encourage the public to take actions for protection.

    The audience learned the story of tiger “Hu Wa”, the importance and urgency of ecological corridor building for tiger habitat restoration, as well as the snaring issues and anti-poaching. OPF has invited WWF wildlife officers to give presentations on tiger projects with interactions with the public.

    This year, Li Qiao, from Nanling Affiliated Primary School of Jilin University, won the runner up award of Dr. Rimington Children’s Award. Dr. Rimington Children’s award is a global tiger protection award initiated by WWF TAI and its partners to recognise and encourage the children worldwide who have made outstanding contributions to tiger conservation.

    150 volunteers from Jilin Television Children’s Art Team brought nature poems and song toto the public: Nature Reciters, Love for the Nature Is My Eyes; nature conservation artists put the performance of the beauty of nature in the form of songs and dances at Earth Hour.

    In addition, the fair of "Run for Tigers" attracted a large number of Changchun citizens. People witnessed the snares in the tent with the volunteers' explanation, and made donations for OPF’s tiger conservation programmes.

    This year "Earth Hour" highlights "action" and "hope", stresses the issues of global biodiversity decrease and habitat loss, brings people from all over the world together, arouses their attention on nature conservation.

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  • Beekeepers and hunters united efforts to preserve honey-bearing forests of Primorye 5 march 2021 Beekeepers and hunters united efforts to preserve honey-bearing forests of Primorye

    The project of WWF-Russia to preserve honey-bearing forests within the tiger range was launched in Primorye with the support of the Credit Bank of Moscow (MKB), implemented by the Union of Beekeepers of Primorsky province and hunting clubs "Fauna", "Sinegorye" and “Yakovlevsky RZOP”. The public anti-poaching brigade represented by game users and beekeepers will help to prevent illegal logging of linden on the territory of more than 100 thousand hectares.

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  • Tigers connect me and my hometown 5 march 2021 Tigers connect me and my hometown

    In Northeast China lies areas of intact forest that have been relatively undisturbed by humans. This special area is the home of Amur tigers. We hear an account about what it takes to protect this area, from Liu Duo, an anti-poaching officer with WWF-China.

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  • VTB and WWF support the rehab center “Tigr” in Primorye 1 march 2021 VTB and WWF support the rehab center “Tigr” in Primorye

    Thanks to the joint project of VTB and WWF Russia, the Center for the Rehabilitation “TIGR” received an ISUZU pickup truck and a Yamaha Grizzly ATV with complete set and a trailer for its transportation for effective work on the rehabilitation of large predators and mitigation of human-wildlife conflicts.

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