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Khasan disctrict of Primorsky kray

National Park BIKIN

The Bikin National Park is a protected area ensures the preservation of a large massif of intact forests in the Bikin River valley, the Amur tiger and traditional lifestyle of indigenous people.

The protected area of a national level in the upper and middle reaches of the Bikin River in Primorsky province was established on November 3, 2015 by the presidential decree. More than 1,16 million hectares of unique forest stands – the area vitally important for Udege people and the Amur tiger – was taken under protection. WWF Russia and the Amur Tiger Center put a lot of efforts in the Park’s establishment supporting its first steps of work, formation and promoting its international recognition.

A number of strategic decisions for the Park were taken in 2018. In February 2018 the government of the Russian Federation approved a Complex program for tourism development on the territory of the Bikin National Park. In July, the World Heritage Committee declared the Bikin National Park a part of the Central Sikhote-Alin UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. On September 8, the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has signed the decree “On conversion of land use from forest funds to protected status for needs of the national park”. Since that moment the Park has become a rightful owner of its territory.

The youngest national park in the Russian Far East has a staff of 111 people including 77 indigenous people. Since 2016, the Council of Indigenous Peoples is being active under the Park’s administration to ensure rights and legal interests of indigenous people.