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About AmurInfoCenter

About Amur Info Center

The Amur information center is a specialized web portal for granting all interested parties with free access to geographical data (such as, interactive Web maps, WMS-, WFS-, ArcGIS- map-tools, GIS-services metadata search, integration with ArcGIS-online and Sharepoint services), reference information, expert opinions, reports, multimedia archives and other data on the Amur-Heilong ecoregional complex. This complex covers more than 2.1 million sq.km – the entire basin of the Amur river and basins of the rivers directly falling to the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk, from the Tumannaya river to the Uda river. Amur Info Center got developed for the implementation of the Conservation Action Plan for the Russian Far East Ecoregion Complex, to combine the relevant efforts of the government institutions, public organizations, business sector, scientific institutes, etc..

The first version of the AmurInfoCenter web portal has been created in 2010 and you will be able to find it to the address http://amur-heilong.net.